What do we mean by responsible gaming?

responsible-gamingWhen we talk about responsible gaming – we’re talking about staying in control of how much money and time we spend on gaming. There are many ways to gamble including the National Lottery weekly draws and scratchcards, betting, poker, bingo and gaming machines among others. All are considered to be enjoyable leisure pastimes, but each carries an element of risk.
Therefore, we should always be aware of how much time and money we are spending on gaming and ensure that we never spend more time or money than we can reasonably afford. Always try to limit your playing time and take regular breaks. It’s also important to set a spend limit while gaming and make sure you stick to it.

The key message is that gaming should always be fun and enjoyable. If you feel that’s not the case and it’s affecting other areas of your life, perhaps you need to ask yourself whether or not you are gaming responsibly.

Is your gaming getting out of control?

For a small minority, gaming in all its forms can become problematic. If you are concerned that might be developing a problem – no matter how insignificant – please take a few moments to answer the simple questions below.

  • Do you spend more on gaming than you can realistically afford to lose?
  • Have you gone back to a game to try to win money you have lost?
  • Have you ever begged, borrowed, lied or stolen to pay for gaming?
  • Do you need to gamble with bigger sums of money to get the same excitement?
  • Has anyone suggested you gamble too much or that you might have a problem?
  • Do you feel that you have a problem controlling your gaming?
  • Do you feel guilty about your gaming?
  • Have you experienced financial problems arising from gaming?
  • Has gaming caused you stress or worry?
  • Do you see gaming as a way of making money?
  • Do you play in working hours at the risk of losing your job?

If any of your answers to the above questions was ‘Yes’, then we recommend that you seek appropriate advice. There are organisations in the UK and Ireland who can help you to keep your gaming under control.

Great Britain


Protection against gambling addiction

The following measures were implemented as protection against gambling addiction.

Monthly deposit limit

Up to £10,000 can be deposited to your player account per month. The limit must be defined during the registration process and depends on the preferred payment method. However, it is not possible to deposit a higher amount within a month than that which is stated here. An amendment to these amounts is only possible in line with guidelines of Responsible Gaming.

Limitations of the player account

Would you like to control your spending by setting your own account limits?

1) Limiting your monthly deposit amount
Set the maximum amount you would like to deposit each month.

2) Limitation in the casino area
Set yourself limits for:

your maximum bet limit per day, week or month
your maximum loss per day, week or month
the maximum amount of time in the casino

If you would you like to place some form of restriction on your account, please send us an email with your user name, the answer to your security question and the limit you would like to request to support@e-casinosite.com.

Temporarily blocking your player account

If you are concerned about how much you are gaming, we recommend that you temporarily suspend your account until you have resolved any problems that you may have. You can block your player account for a limited or unlimited time. To block your account please go to “My Data” in your account settings and click on “Self Exclusion”. Choose the amount of months you would like to be excluded, type in your password and click on “send”. The exclusion will be effective immediately and you will be logged out automatically. Of course you can also contact support under support@e-casinosite.com for any help regarding self-exclusion. Our Support Team is available from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. GMT.

Should you decide to have your account blocked, we strongly recommend that you also block any other gaming accounts you may have on other platforms.

Please note:
You are free to choose the length of your self-exclusion, but the minimum period is six months. During this time, you will receive no advertising or marketing material from us.

Please make sure that you provide our Support Team with your bank account details within the first six months of a request for your account to be blocked – this enables us to transfer any remaining funds to your bank account. If we do not receive your details within the first six months, any remaining funds will be donated to the Responsible Gaming Trust in the UK.

Once the period of your block has ended, you must request a reactivation of your account before you can begin playing again. For your own protection, we recommend thinking this step through thoroughly. To give you a little extra time, your account will be reactivated 24 hours after you email our Support Team. Please only resume gaming if you are convinced that you have overcome the problems that led you to requesting a block in the first place.

Deleting your player account.You can delete your player account at any time. To do this, please send an email with your user name and the answer to your security question to our Support Team (support@e-casinosite.com).

Protection of minors

Participation in games with a monetary prize is only open to persons over the age of 18. For this reason all players must supply their date of birth and name and address when registering. The data is then verified by the platform. If there is a lack of evidence regarding the minimum age for participation in the games, the player is prevented from entering the site.

Should a minor bypass our security controls, they will not be able to collect winnings. An identity check is carried out at the first pay out, in which a player must send a copy of their ID by email, fax or post to our Support Team.

Bell Fruit Casino guarantees that no form of advertising or sponsoring is aimed at minors.

If you have any knowledge of players who are minors, please take the time to inform our Support Team.

Please note that disregarding the minimum age limit is a criminal offence. As a player at Bell Fruit Casino, you must be able to prove that you are at least 18 years old.

Please ensure as parents that you keep your log-on data hidden from your children. For this reason passwords should not be written down or easily guessable (date of birth, car number plate, telephone number etc.). We recommended that you change your password regularly and incorporate upper and lower case letters, as well as numbers and symbols.

If there are children living in your household and there is a family PC, it is advisable to use filtering software to protect children and restrict access to your PC by setting up separate accounts.

Please be aware that it is possible to hide adverts that promote gambling online. We recommend installing the following software on your PC:

Net Nanny®
GamBlock® or

Tips on ‘Responsible gaming’

For the majority of people gaming is a harmless and entertaining pastime. If you’re concerned that your gaming is no longer fun and at risk of becoming a problem, there are some simple steps you can take.

It’s good to talk

Talk to someone close that you trust – either a family member or friend. If that’s not an option, we suggest you contact the Gamble Aware Free Helpline on 0808 8020 133 for confidential advice.

Take a break

Take a short break and clear your head. It will help you see things differently and perhaps make you think more about how much time you are spending gaming.

Know your limits

Whatever we do for fun, we all have to know our limits and gaming is no exception. Commit before you start playing by setting a limit on how much money and time you will spend. More importantly – stick to it!

Enjoy it

Make sure that your gaming is an enjoyable pastime that doesn’t impact negatively on other areas of your life. If it ceases to give you pleasure it’s time you reassessed the way you play.

Honesty is the best policy

Be truthful about how much you are gaming. There’s no point in lying to yourself or others.

Never forget, when in doubt, ask us!